What is NGN Global Challenges Competition (NGCC)

NGCC supports our mission of educating and engaging the next generation for solving global issues reflected in NGN 2120 Goals. Annually, NGN sets up competitive events for the Club NGN members, high school-based and community-based membership club. Club NGN competitive events are for the age group 13 to 19 years. Starting August 2020, globally NGN competitive events will be offered to collegiate, professionals and senior citizen.

What is NGN2120 Goals and Global Issues

Current global issues are burden to the next generations. NGN2120 goals were developed by the Next Generation Nations (NGN) corporation in 2017. Twenty-one goals were developed for the next generation to take action to end world’s toughest issues like climate change, poverty, hunger, clean water, corruption, violence, human rights, gender equality and many more. NGN2120 goals also include modern goals like need to integrate safely artificial intelligence and robotics in human society, and championing space technology to protect earth from space threats.

It is important to note that NGN have set a high bar for the next generation to eliminate global issues within a hundred years, by 2120. goals.

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Goal 1: Attain food security, eliminate hunger & ensure sustainable supply of affordable & nutritious food for all

Goal 2: Guarantee access to safe drinking water and modern sanitation for all

Goal 3: Guarantee access to affordable modern housing for all

Goal 4: Eliminate and prevent poverty

Goal 5: Guarantee healthcare for everyone, cure deadly diseases, solve human aging to live longer and healthier

Goal 6: Ensure sustainable, dependable, affordable and efficient clean energy for all

Goal 7: Guarantee quality education to people of all ages

Goal 8: Reduce income disparities, wealth gaps and promote inclusive economies

Goal 9: Create a nonviolent, tolerant atmosphere around the world . Ensure peace, liberty & justice for all

Goal 10: Promote Ethical Consideration and Decisions. Eliminate corruption & abuse of power in governments, businesses, and societies

 Goal 11: Eliminate gender inequality

Goal 12: Bridge religious differences, promote and practice interfaith understanding

Goal 13: Heal the air. Solve global warming permanently.

Goal 14:  Heal the land. Protect Land. Stop and reverse soil degradation to sustain terrestrial ecosystems. Protect land rights of indigenous people. Protect biodiversity and reverse global biodiversity losses

Goal 15: Heal and conserve the ocean

Goal 16:  Bring balance to global population growth

Goal 17: Integrate robots & artificial intelligence (AI) into the society to improve human conditions, ensuring humans keep the upper hand

Goal 18: Protect earth  from hazardous asteroids, severe space weather and unknown risks. Reduce space derbies.  Build space technology to make a world better place. Champion in building space colony for survival of  human civilization. Develop practical and economical technologies for interstellar travel

Goal 19: . Prepare the next generation for the future work

Goal 20:  Connect, partner, engage, empower and unite the next generaion leaders around the world for the common purpose  of solving local to global issues, build and sustain  a network of youth-led activism, Promote digital access for all

Goal 21:  Ensure the world is inclusive, collaborative &  no one is left behind. Protect human rights and show respect for the dignity of all life forms