Tanna Education and Awareness doing business as The Next Generation Nations (NGN) is a US tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (Tax ID: 82-3252052). NGN is an international organization that addresses social, economic, environmental, and many global issues that challenge humanity and the progress of societies around the world. NGN is dedicated to providing education on global issues to one child, one community and one country at a time. The NGN was founded with the intent of achieving multidimensional goals permanently in an effort to increase the quality of life of the 7.6 billion individuals living on the planet. NGN is currently in the phase of extending across the country through high school chapters. To eradicate global issues, NGN units people to take actions and service projects through eLearning platform and club activities.

Our Vision

Empower the next generation to solve problems affecting the progress of societies around the world by year 2120.

Our Mission

Educate and engage the next generation for leadership in solving global issues.