Almost all Club NGNs are sponsored with a school or community organization and the local NGN clubs.  School and Community mentors are known as the Faculty Advisor (school-based club) or Community Advisor (community-based club). The NGN Advisors are typically known as the NGN Advisor.

Leaders are Made

Advisor’s role is to teach leadership skills to all members. With your vast knowledge and experience in community services and management skills, you will inspire the next generations to lead the world. You don’t need to necessarily do all tasks by yourself. As an advisor you will delegate tasks to members.  Show leadership by becoming a role model.

Faculty or Community Advisor

An advisor is the person who understand NGN’s basic philosophy, mission and vision.  An advisor works closely with Club NGN members and administrators or local community organizations to become liaison.

Key Responsibilities of the Faculty Advisor to the School or Community

  • Ensure Club NGN bylaws are following school rules
  • Ensure Club NGN service projects and fundraising activities are in compliance with school regulation
  • Promote Club NGN to school administration with proper understanding about NGN vision and goals
  • Ensure all financial related matters are in compliance with school regulation

Key Responsibilities of the Faculty or Community Advisor to the Club NGN

  • Work closely with the Club NGN leadership members
  • Co-ordinate obtaining space for conducting weekly and club board meetings
  • Assisting Club NGN in membership enrollment, leveraging connections with students and other faculty members
  • Attend all regular and board meetings
  • Participate in service and fundraising projects and become mentor and becoming liaison

NGN Advisor

The NGN  Advisor serve as liaison between the Club NGN school administrator and Corporate NGN (aka Tanna Education & Awareness). Becoming the NGN  Advisor is rewarding and futuristic with the sense of purpose in changing the world for the next generation.  Role of the advisor is to ensure that the next generations of leaders are groomed to lead the world with deep sense of eradicating global issues by year 2120.

An Advisor must


Key Responsibilities of the NGN advisor to the school and Faculty Advisors

  • Promote NGN vision, mission and goals to the school faculty adviser and administrator
  • Provide guidance and training to school and faculty adviser to run Club NGN
  • Encourage transparency in communication between NGN Corporation, school faculty and Club NGN members

Key Responsibilities of the NGN advisor to Club NGN:

  • Become part of Club NGN weekly and board meetings
  • Co-ordinate service projects and events
  • Provide resources and connections in arranging service and fundraising projects
  • Provide guidance to Club NGN members in promoting NGN mission, vision and goals
  • Build the next generation leaders by becoming a role model and mentor to Club NGN members

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