Club NGN is an international youth ambassador program for ages 13 to 19. The Club NGN’s services and actions cultivate next generation leaders with a deep purpose in eradicating issues around the world. Club NGN programs are based on The Next Generation Nations Goals 2120. The Goals are multidimensional set for the next generation to eradicate issues around the world that affect humanity and the planet earth in next 100 years.


 Benefits for Students


  • Learn about massive and complex global issues provides sense of purpose in choosing college and career path.
  • Learn about teamwork, commitment and ownership.

Critical thinking

  • Learn to discover solutions to complex global issues, developing critical thinking and entrepreneurship skills
  • Develop proficiency in research methodology

Global citizenship and friendship

  • Create the next generation leaders passionate about changing the world with deep sense of becoming global citizen
  • Provide opportunity to make lifetime friends, meet mentors and entrepreneurs

Service Project

  • Service and giving projects build character and compassionate traits

Grants and Scholarship

  • Opportunities for scholarship for future education
  • Students who know about global issues and current affair tend to score higher on standardized achievement tests — particularly in reading, math, and social studies — than those who don’t use them.
  • Global issues education is an effective tool for leaning many math concepts, particularly fractions, decimals, currency and statistics.
  • Global issues education increases awareness of and interest in current events.

Summary of Benefits for Students

Jump start your career! Leave your school knowing how to talk about and think about global challenges.
Beef up your portfolio. Colleges and university admissions value students who can think globally.
OWN the process. YOU decide which of 21 global challenges you want to work on.
Work on real world problems. Get involved in real issues in your community AND learn how leaders are trying to address them.
Apply for scholarships! Engagement in international issues improves your scholarship opportunities.  Plus, NGN offers an annual scholarship for Club participants.