Benefits & Reasons to Compete in NGCC 2020

There are two possible ways to win monetary prize:

  1. Winning teams will have an opportunity to claim a segment of total $15,000 scholarship prize pool. This can be helpful to pay for the tuition fees for any school or college. Or, one can use money to pursue further to develop your project.
  2. You win or lose the competition; you will still have an opportunity to ask and raise money from venture capitalists/investors or ask for grants directly from the philanthropic directors/donors.

Connect with global influencers and professionals

NGN 2120 goals provide life-long purpose with personal and professional growth. NGN is supported by global network of entrepreneurs, investors, innovators, educators and professionals. So, NGCC provides a platform for you to get connected with global influencers who could be competition judges and/or keynote speakers.

Get Pitch response from judges who are investors, entrepreneurs, professionals, philanthropists 

NGCC is transparent open platform where judges would love to interact with participant throughout the event. Many participants stay connected with judges even after competition for mentorship purpose. We encourage you to submit your project idea even its not finalized to get response from judges.


Improve your project visibility at, global issues online eLearning platform provides a personal channel that serves as a portfolio of your work. You can showcase your project/idea, which might include position papers, published and unpublished essays, college application statements of purpose, competition pitch videos or your self-produced videos on local and global issues. Your competition pitch video can serve as lifetime showcase for your personal and professional life.