Our Strategies

  1. NGN presents 21 global challenges that serve as a focus for student clubs. These are challenges that we believe can be solved in 100 years.
  2. NGN offers a “Start-up Guide for Students” to establish high school clubs that perform i.e. feeding the homeless, working at domestic violence survivor centers, raising money for other non-profits’ causes; organizing community awareness events for their area of interest
  3. NGN provides channel (volunteering profile) to Club NGN students that allows them to showcase their work, which might include position papers, published and unpublished essays, college application statements of purpose, or self-produced videos on local and global issues.
  4. NGN provides a profile page to nonprofits and non-governmental organization to showcase their work. They can also produce and show video lessons for high school students and publish blogs and articles.
  5. NGN offers an Advisory Guide to help identified school personnel advise students on setting up the NGN club.
  6. Establish an “NGN Ambassador’s Club” of adults who want to facilitate NGN Clubs in high schools. Ambassadors will disseminate information about the NGN Clubs and recruit community sponsorships and support for Club-related activities.
  7. Working with local and national media outlets to  publish local and global issues for learners and educators to perform various activities like debate and speech, classroom discussion and online quizzes