Short Term Goals

  1. NGN will engage high school students, ages 13 through 18, in problem-solving global challenges.
  2. NGN will create opportunities for local student leadership and action on global issues.
  3. NGN will expand the number of sites offering the NGN clubs from 5 in academic year 2018-19 to 25 plus in academic year 2019-20.
  4. Launch and expand NGN Ambassadors Clubs for parents, individual or any community members.
  5. Grow partnerships with other nonprofits and NGOs.
  6. Grow partnerships with media outlets to distribute local and global issues news.
  7. Develop curriculum on debate and speech to support Club NGN activities

Long Term Goals

  1. National and international network of NGN high school clubs engaging and educating young people about global challenges.
  2. Establish college scholarships to support high school students whose career plans focus on solving the 21 Global Challenges