Research Paper: Policy Change, Solutions for California Wildfire

Author: Shruthi Vemula, Isabella Morales, Aishwarya

Grade: Junior

School:  Washington High, Fremont, California, USA

One of the biggest problems today is recovering from the tragedy of the California Wildfires. In this project there are two main goals:
1. Changing a policy that helps families recover from California wildfires
2. Preventing the chance of the deadly wildfires happening in the future.

The California Wildfires has devastated the land areas drastically. The campfire that occurred in Northern California burned 153, 336 acres and destroyed 18,733 buildings. Meanwhile, the Woolsey fire burned an additional 96, 949 acres. Overall in California over 505,000 acres burned solely on the California fires alone. In fact, the damage costed California $400 billion and $1 billion for the firefighters. Due to the significant land damage, property owners “go through an emotional state” because they don’t have trust in gaining land in California. They have to make difficult decisions due to the changes of the resources the land has provided. For
example, the Santa Rosa fire in Sonoma County damaged more than 27 wineries, or vineyards. These wineries gets a revenue of $50 billion annually and employs 40% of Santa Rosa workers. The impact of these changes makes it hard for property owners to buy land due to lack of natural resources provided by the area. This makes property owners less motivated to stay in these crippling cities, and essentially makes them want to migrate to different areas. It is important to resolve this issue because we need to preserve the natural resources provided and to relieve the exacerbating costs by the damage created……

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