Youth Clubs Chartering & Supporting

  •  NGN helps high schools set up Club NGN.
  • NGN develops and distributes a curriculum related to 21 Global Challenges and possible solutions to those problems.
  • Students in each school come to consensus on the challenge they wish to address and develop a community project that helps them address the problem on a local level. NGN facilitators at each school then help students set up service projects and events

Educational Lessons 

  • Collaborate with students, nonprofits and government organizations to develop education video lessons on the global issues for the learners and the educators.

Develop Global Challenges Web Portfolio 

  • Support and sponsor community services projects
  • NGN’s revolutionary and unique online platform allows anyone to create and showcase volunteering profile. Registered members at NGN.ORG get custom URL ID which allows them to showcase their global problem-solving activities by posting videos, writing position papers, and publishing blogs and articles on global issues. Students have an opportunity to demonstrate their work designed to address global challenges. NGN Club students maintain access to their site.  They can distribute links to the site when applying to universities and/or employment.

Finally, NGN Ambassadors play a critical in the growth and development of NGN. Ambassadors are individual volunteers with interest in work related to NGN’s 21 challenges They are recruited from the community, corporations, and other nonprofits. Ambassadors take a NGN information course and then work with NGN to recruit local and regional schools to the program.  They work with school administration at each school interested in starting an NGN Club and help implement the program.  Ambassadors also talk with community members and corporations about ways they can support and sponsor NGN Clubs.  Ambassadors currently meet face-to-face with Mr. Tanna, but virtual meetings are being piloted in anticipation of NGN’s growth.